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In 2006....

News events:

January 15– NASA's Stardust mission successfully ends, the first to return dust from a comet

January 27– Manuel Zelaya becomes President of Honduras.

March 16 – The Blu-ray Disc format is released in the United States

March 17 – The United States strikes its 2 remaining Iowa-class battleships from the Naval Vessel Register, ending the age of the battleship.

March 22 – ETA declares a permanent ceasefire in their campaign for Basque independence from Spain

May 27 – The first demonstration for gay rights in Moscow is broken up by the police.

August 24 – The International Astronomical Union defines 'planet' at its 26th General Assembly, demoting Pluto to the status of 'dwarf planet' more than 70 years after its discovery.

October 2 – Charles Carl Roberts IV, a 32-yr-old milk-truck driver, kills 5 girls at an Amish schoolhouse in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania before shooting himself.

October 9 – North Korea claims to have conducted its first-ever nuclear test.

October 10 – Google buys YouTube for USD $1.65 billion

November 17 – The PlayStation 3 is released in North America.

November 19 – The Wii is released in North America

December 30 – Saddam Hussein, former Iraq president, is executed in Baghdad.

In music:

- Hinder's "Lips of an Angel" was number 1 on the top 40 in November

- Cascada's Album "Everytime we Touch" was released

- Oomph! released their "GlaubeLiebeTod" album

- Tenacious D releases the album "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny" in November

In 2006, I was:

- Working at Disney as a Tour Guide/Gangster

- still driving my Probe :(

- hadn't been in a relationship for nearly a year

- raising my puppy Cheyenne (who was 9 mths old in November of that year)

- at Valencia beginning my A.A. degree

- not even vaguely politically involved

- turning 21 that year

- still adjusting from my former life in the military

- I cut my hair to within 3 inches of my scalp o.o

- I was still REALLY crazy :P


May 2006 I met a serious, quiet guy at a random birthday party. Cute, but mean ;) and annoyed by everything I did.

May-November 2006 Serious guy messages me sporadically on AIM, I find out he used to be an engineering major. Like my dad...and my brothers...and my cousin....and every guy I seem to know.... ;)

Nov. 13, 2006 I have a SERIOUSLY wicked exam the next day in Algebra.....and I'm totally going to fail it D: Jon, "Serious guy", is online and tries to help me study. I'm no good at online help, however, and I ask if he minds if I come over so he can help me (bold for me, out of sheer desperation at my Math-fail :( ). After about a half hour of studying (if that) I give up, and instead catch up with him. We trade relationship fails, dating misfires, etc.

Nov 14, 2006 EARLY A.M. He makes me breakfast :) I confide in him about a recent guy involvement who is likely not to be healthy for me, I express fears of spiralling back into San Angeloness. I express how it's a pity that guys can't just come out and say they're for a long term relationship, so that all the dancing around gets out of the way.

Jon asks me if I wanted to try something long term.

me = O.O

then, :D "yes!"

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BABY! You're so cute and boldly honest! :)

I really wish I could be there with you today, and that I was less sick, but we will have to make it up sometime soon :) LOVE YOU!!!!


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Nov. 22nd, 2009 12:15 am (UTC)
"Working at Disney as a Tour Guide/Gangster"

that wasn't at "the great movie ride" was it?

ps sorry to hear about theloss of your pooch
Nov. 23rd, 2009 04:41 pm (UTC)
LOL actually yeah! I worked there for a little over a year part time. Dec 05-April 07

Thanks for the condolences! She was a precious part of my life, and it was pretty rough given that she was only sick for 6 weeks, only 3 years old, and died in a rather traumatic way for me (she wasn't in any pain though, thank God). But your thoughts are very much appreciated :)
Nov. 23rd, 2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
my ex jennifer used to work there, she was a gangster/cowgirl lol and your welcome. i love my pooch and know its a tough thing to go though.
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