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1) I've done two 9/10hr days in a row...during Thanksgiving Break....
- I'm no longer allowed to read/do homework during the many hours of deadtime I get
- I'm not encouraged to talk to anyone
- Any writing is completely discouraged unless I have brought my own notebook or pens
- Saturdays....there is never anything to do. All the normal paperwork that full days normally bring don't exist on Saturdays. Literally, babysitting a phone that rings once or twice an hour. It's busy if I get five calls in an hour.
- Jon and I have a running bet, whom I've been sending hourly reports, of how many people are going to call today about Service or Parts (which, since this dealership opened in the 90s, have never been open Saturdays). We're going for 15, but I've only gotten 5 today. Granted, I've only received 10 actual calls, with an additional 5 misdials.
- Somebody needs to go to this one old lady's phone, and change her speed dial for her. Her number "7" used to be Walmart, and about a year ago either she or someone in her family changed it to our dealership, for some practical joke or whatever. A year later, she still calls me to put money on her Wlmart card.
- For the love of God, someone please come over and offend the crap/scare off these three losers who come EVERY Saturday to the dealership to "hang out." They are srsly pissing me off. The one pot bellied one always asks me "when I'm due", the tall one and his assinine friend keep talking about buying "one of our cars", but instead either hang out by my desk and talk about some new book their reading, or criticize my current reading selection.
- One of these days this guy I work with will get fired. But it won't be today, and it won't be while this manager is here. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MAN! YOU ARE IN A GLASS OFFICE, EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU. Even more disturbing, he shakes customers hands with that hand.

2) I decided since the school library is conveniently closed all weekend for Thanksgiving (and my paper is due Tuesday), that I would read an old WWI pictorial history book that I've perused over time and again when formatting lesson plans for European History.
- I've read this book too many times
- I know too much about this war
- When I'm laughing at the military "slights", and the Russian "genius" of broadcasting their every military movement uncoded across radio waves.....you know I haven't watched Family Guy in quite awhile. Especially, when nearly all of it is acerbic and ironic. Like the reason why the B.E.2s were called Quirks, and how flying ace Oswald Boelcke died because his student Erwin Böhme collided with him....o.o Or when the tanks were first deployed by the British....and were met with flamethrowers...How the French front in the beginning of the war had soldiers taken to the front by...Taxicab???
- My life is too serious :( I try to share these jokes with people and I get this look across their face like I'm some crazy person--either mentally disturbed by "war humor", or someone who doesn't understand humor at all.

3) I want more cheesy potato goodness, like now. My roommate will likely be coming back home tonight, and I need comfort food.

4) My nightmares are lame. When other people have nightmares, there is always a ridiculous element in it that tells you you are dreaming. Like breaking up with your boyfriend, who's riding on a pink elephant....something like that! Mine are practically real. Last night I dreamed that I was on the phone arguing with a customer, in a situation that will most likely happen at some point in time (if it hasn't happened already and I'm mentally blocking it). There was nothing about the dream that made me think it was fake, and even when I woke up, I had a vague feeling of confusion as to why it was light outside, when I was obviously just going to bed after a long day at work.

5) My German class has given me new perspective on WWI, and especially the names of battleships, U-boats, and peoples surnames.

6) Had Thanksgiving with both my parents AND Jon's parents. It actually happened. And it was NOT full of fail. I will have to admit, I am very encouraged. There was much feasting to be had, and leftovers aplenty. Speaking of which.....I think I'll pilfer some when I visit Mom and Dad's tonight.

7) Cody is now an official beast. He is freaking huge, and I have found out I don't like boy dogs. There will be much estrogen when I establish my own household.

8) I have just killed 45 mins of boredom at work, go me!

-----/end rant